Current Members

Prof. Catherine Hall
Principal Investigator
Harry Trewhitt
PhD student and Research Technician
Letitia McMullan
PhD student
Albeshr Almasri

PhD student

Sam Atkinson

PhD student



Magali Magali Ostroviecki

Placement and UG project student


Past Members

Dr Kira Shaw, Post doc

Dr Silvia Anderle, PhD student

Dr Luca Biasetti, Post doc

Joseph Henderson, placement student

Nikos Zervogiannis, placements student

Laura Bell, Technician

Dr. Orla Bonnar, PhD student

Dr. Katie Boyd, Ph.D. student

Dr. Devin Clarke, Ph.D. student

Dr. Dorieke Grijseels, PhD student

Matt Hammond-Haley, Brighton and Sussex Medical School Individual Research Project Student


Dr Nicola Hamilton-Whitaker (KCL, London, UK)

Dr Caswell Barry (UCL, London, UK)

Dr Hans Crombag (University of Sussex, Brighton, UK)

Prof Stephen Payne (University of Oxford, UK)

Dr Yen-Yu Ian Shih (University of North Carolina, USA)