Welcome Silvia!

Silvia Anderle has joined the lab to study for a School of Psychology-funded PhD researching neurovascular dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. ¬†We’re really excited to have her, and she looks happy to be joining us!

Our new PhD student is wearing a lab coat and carrying flasks of coloured liquid!
Look how science-y she is!

Sussex Neuroscience Python Course

On 22 and 23 August, Dori organised a 2-day Sussex Neuroscience Python Course. 18 participants joined the workshop and learned to use Python with the help of Graeme Benstead-Hume and Sarah Wooller, both from the lab of Frances Pearl. Kira also joined as one of the participants.

For Dori, the course was preparation for their time at the Nencki Open Lab Summer School on Behavioral Neuroscience where they will be teaching Python as part of the course.

All the material from the course, including lecture capture (!) is freely available on Dori’s GitHub, just click the green button on the left and download as zip.

Dori giving a presentation at the Python course
Dori giving a presentation at the Python course